The Adventurous Adventures

of the Adventure Club!

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A club is only as good as its rules!


Knew I wasn't the only person who liked Bulbasaur the best.
I'm more of a Charmander guy myself but we both hate those Squirtle turds
Goodness almighty!!! How many nuzlockes do you need to do before a ruleset like this is considered a decent challenge! Joking aside, this comic looks like it's going to be adorable. Looking forward to it!
@mrjacob77: Honestly I'm horrible at nuzlockes so this ruleset was a bold challenge ESPECIALLY for me X'3 But thanks so much, I'm glad you're excited for this lil comic! :D
I’d comment my thoughts on everything I love in this if I had the time, but I can’t, so I’ll sum it up:

My school In a nutshell
Bulbasaur will always be my #001
i personally think rule 9 isn't necessary

it's a given, so you don't need to state it
Rule 9 is the best rule. Power to the Bulbasaur lovers!
*Walks into Adventure Club, sees rule 9*
*Flees from angry mob*
"I regret nothing!" Except posting this comment...
I agree with rule nine lol